Run & Out English

It's time to tell you what we have been preparing for so long. Well, the idea came because you often ask if you continue to play run & out when you leave primary school. So the thought of trying to achieve this, is to create a team. The team will be called "A.E.R.A Alana." To put it simply the team will be called "Alana" and the "aera" means Athletic Union Run Out. The plan is simple. You can register as athletes without any MONTHLY FEE. So whoever wants to be a member of ALANA will participate for free. Within the team we will create subgroups, either as you were at school you took part in last year league or as groups. For example we may have "Alana Ampelokipon", "Alana Stavrakiou" etc. Captains of the groups are thought to be older children, along with some of the adults who want to help. When we get together and see how many we are, we will discuss the creation of a championship inside the "Alana". We are preparing this and God willing we will make it happen. Some children, who don't know the game, will also learn it. Essentially we have a team of both racing and as an academy. I remind you once again that your participation in the group is free of charge. In these difficult times for all people in Greece we don't want to create more economic problems to the families . There is already the logo of the group, which was created once again by a very good friend and our member Dimitris Dimarelos, whom I thank. Also a big thanks goes to Konstantinos Tasos, who designed the site and helps our effort a lot. So all I can say is ... welcome to "Alana" and thank you for your love so far.


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