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Award for excellence and innovation in education (10/1/2012)By:Isabel

Good news. Run and Out has been selected for an award by the ministry of education for excellence and innovation in education. See what assessors wrote  :
 Assessor n 1: it is about a project with innovative elements that is  probably for the first time initiated in full form / fully developed in the activities of Physical Education .it reinforces the students’ active participation , and it has according to their self-assessment good learning results. It intervenes the teaching methodology. It promotes cross-curricular teaching and the collaboration between the school and the local community. It has got pedagogical  /educational value and it is possible with some adaptations to be applied to schools throughout the country. There is no need for any special equipment, the suggestion has been developed coherently and analytically .
Assessor n2 :''run and out innovative action as sport – game is a new teaching approach and initiates a new educational practice which creates added value for the whole educational process .It is a rather handy equipment for redesigning the standard teaching approach in Physical Education because most of all , it is easily applicable , reinforces /promotes participation/being part of a team, exercise , speed , perception and stamina ''.
In my opinion ,all the children that have devoted their precious time to it , loved it so much and brought it to where it is today, deserve a big bravo ,as well as all the other people that helped throughout the years . We also devote it back to them .

It's all Greek to you? (18/5/2012)By:Mertz

Thank you for stopping to our site, just for a while, to find out more about run and out. The English version of the game's site ( is not so rich, like the Greek one (, but we are working on it. In any case we know that some things are propably... "all Greek to you", but we are here to help you know this game better. At the moment you can find last year's finals in the video gallery section (finals 2011) and you can find us in facebook ( where you can ask anything in English also. If you want more send me a message in facebook (Mihalis Mertzianidis) or a message in facebook, and we will be more than happy to answer. Thank you for your attention. Hope to talk to you soon...

The best is yet to come !(9/4/2012)By:Mertz

From all of us best wishes for health, happiness, smiles, success in your lives and we hope the best is yet to come for all of you and us!

Run & Out - The Movie (6/4/2012)By:Isabel

A movie about to be nominated for the...Oscars... (it's a joke of course). The 12th competition of short time  movies is already on and our school (10th primary school of Ioannina, Greece) will participate with 27 students. With the scenario already completed we' ll start shooting in a short while.! Click here to Watch the Movie with English Subtitles(Click the CC button in the player)

"Alana"Project goes on...(21/12/2011)By:Isabel
 After all the founding members having signed, the "Alana" project procedure enters the final phase! All the legal steps will be followed so that we get approval by the court, so that we can officially declare its beginning. A thing to remember: the birthday of the team will be on 11/11/11!

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